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Hey guys, I replaced my Valvetronic motor on my 2011 335i X-Drive (N55)my DME won't respond and my car still won't start? My mechanic is still trying to diagnose the issue.. any suggestions? I had that clicking noise on unlock for about 1.5 month's before the car failed to start and gave me a... He needs to inspect all his connections at the dme, or the dme itself based on what he's ruled out. Very rare does the dme itself not communicate what-so-ever, if it doesn't it's one of 3 issues. 1. Corroded connector plugins. 2. Major break is PT-CAN bus (for his model pretty much just DME->EGS->DSC->EKP). 3.

Internal failure ? repair ecu issues same day service ,drop off and pickup , ship in and out ecu service fast turn around, Lifetime warranty on all repairs . Oem parts quality repair 2007 - up BMW Siemens MSD80 DME/ECU.
This closes the DME circuit, which sends battery voltage to the DME module and fuel injectors, as well as the left coil and the switch. As soon as the DME module is powered on it supplies ground to the right coil - closing that circuit and powering the fuel pump. After a few seconds, the DME turns off the relay until you crank the engine.
Remember, when installing these injectors you must carry out a DME calibration by entering the calibration number off the injector during the coding process. Failure to do so will result in poor performance and misfires. FCP Euro also carries an array of BMW specialty tools to aid in installation of these injectors as well.
Fuse box locations Rear power distribution panel (high amperage fuses) Junction box fuse panel (←-03.2007 / 03.2007-09.2007 / 09.2007-→) E-box engine electronics fuse carriers Behind glove compartment (to 03.2007) No. A Protected circuits F1 — — F2 5 Diversity antenna F3 20 Passenger seat
The two most common reasons for the replacement of BMW hydraulic bucket tappets (HVA) found in M42, M44, M50, M52, M54, M60, M62, S50, S52 and S62 engines are: tapping/rattling noise from the valve train area or a binding HVA element. Tapping/rattling noise from the valve train area may have various different causes depending on […]
Full Version Licensing Info (Allows Real-Time Data Acquisition and Logging Of DME): – Single DME License – Each License Is Locked To A Specific DME. For Single Vehicles, Track Logging, etc. Changing Flash Software May Invalidate The License. MSS60 E9x M3 – $49. MSS65 E6x M5/M6 – $49
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  • Depending on your DME version from BMW you may throw false check engine lights at higher than 60% settings. The older the DME version the higher you can go without faults. To increase the setting using a small screwdriver turn the JBD dial towards the MAX and to reduce the setting turn the setting towards the MIN.
  • BMW N54 DME Repair Msd80 BMW fault codes:30ba DME digital motor electronics, internal failure and/or30bb DME digital motor electronics, internal failure MOSFET's can be diagnosed using a Digital Volt Ohm Meter.
  • If the key data is correct, an enable signal is then sent to the starter and the CAS module then sends the random code to the Engine Control Module (DME / DDE) where the random code is checked against the saved random code. Only if they match, is the fuel injection released allowing the car to start.
  • BMW CCC Failure Professional Idrive Failure E60 and other BMW idrive models complete CCC Failure, CCC needs replacing. We can professionally repair your BMW CCC Professional idrive for E60 (5 series) and E61 (5 Series Estate) , E63 (6 Series), E90 (3 Series) , E87 (1 Series) and similar models from 2004 upto 2007 (pre LCI) and restore it back ...
  • How To Replace The Water Pump And Thermostat On A BMW N54 Engine (335i, Z4, X6, & More) Electric water pumps are a point of contention. They tend to fail more often than their mechanical counterparts, yet at the same time offer benefits over the more simple, mechanically driven ones.

DME Module MOSFET CHIP UPGRADE for BMW E90 E92 E82 N54 135i 335i 335xi 335is 535i 535xi X6 MSD80 REPAIR KIT ... The Main reason for DME failure is a faulty injector ...

Bmw dmtl pump failure keyword after analyzing the system ... so I do have a bit of experience with BMW's and I leased a 335i (2009). ... but the DME will never get ...
BMW N54 DME Repair Msd80 BMW fault codes:30ba DME digital motor electronics, internal failure and/or30bb DME digital motor electronics, internal failure MOSFET's can be diagnosed using a Digital Volt Ohm Meter. The following faults are stored in the DME: • 2A82 VANOS intake – stiff, jammed mechanically • 2A87 VANOS exhaust – stiff, jammed mechanically • 3100 Boost-pressure control, deactivation – boost-pressure buildup prohibited (N54 only). The VANOS faults can be caused by an insufficient oil pressure supply to the inlet VANOS adjustment ... Symptoms of a Bad MSD80 MSD81 DME: 30BA - DME Digital Motor Electronics, Internal Failure; 29D1 - Cylinder 5 Misfire; 29CE - Cylinder 2 Misfire; 30BB - DME Digital Motor Electronics, Internal Failure; 29D2 - Cylinder 6 Misfire; 29CF - Cylinder 3 Misfire; 2ACC - DME Digital Motor Electronics Main Relay, Switch Delay; 29CD - Cylinder 1 Misfire

Newer BMW vehicles, starting from E90 335i, have engines with high-pressure fuel injection. This is a delicate system that can be damaged by low-quality fuel. High-pressure fuel pump and injectors are the usual failure points. Symptoms include engine hard starting with long cranking, rough idle, and a yellow 1/2 'check engine' light.

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4. Water Pump Failure. The water pump is a critical component of the cooling system. The pump is what helps continue adequate circulation of coolant; when it begins to wear out and must be replaced, it’s important to follow through as soon as possible—otherwise you’ll most certainly encounter overheating.